Third United States Colored CavalryAuthor: Main, Ed. M. (Major)
Story of the Marches, Battles and Incidents of the Third United States Colored Cavalry

Globe Printing Company, Louisville, KY 1908 - The 1st Mississippi Cavalry (African Descent) was organized October 9, 1863 to March 1, 1864 at Vicksburg, Mississippi. Designation of Regiment changed to Third United States Colored Cavalry on March 11, 1864. Major Main became the regimental historian. These troopers saw a lot of action. Their attack against the Black River Bridge, on November 27, 1864, was lauded as "one of the most daring and heroic of the war. Two previous and well-organized attempts by some of the best troops in the department, had failed to dislodge the enemy and destroy this bridge. ."

This work is scarce in any edition. Note: rubber-stamped on rear blank, "E. Farley, Treasurer". Lt. Edwin Farley was a founder and Treasurer of the Third U. S. Colored Cavaly Organization; BUT, he was also elected State Treasurer of Kentucky, His biography and photograph appear at pp. 124-5. Chapter 24 is Lt. Farley's Reminiscences. Other photographic portraits of Company officers